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Pattachithra sarees

Pattachithra sarees

The dying art of pattachitra has gained a new interest with the growing demand of pattachitra sarees online. 'Patta' means cloth and 'chithra' means painting. Hence pattachitra literally means art on cloth or canvas. It is an old art form displaying religious themes in detail, using organic colours. Pattachitra paintings are from a small village near Puri in Odisha, and consist of miniature works.

The hand painted patachitra sarees are preferred much for their beauty. Pattachitra sarees are a symbol of sophistication, as the designs got a royal look and feel.

At The S studio, the beautiful Pattachitra painting is transformed to elegant sarees by our designers. The Patachitra paintings on materials like fine Tussar silk and silk cotton sarees are available at The S studio. We work in close association with master craftsmen of different traditional styles across India to create unique designs.Buy exclusive Patachitra sarees online at