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Mustard hand painted kalamkari with blue pallu

$ 204

Sea green soft silk saree with kalamkari applique work

$ 181

Blue pen Kalamkari Tussar Saree with Biege Pallu

$ 204

Grey and orange Kalamkari Tussar Sare

$ 178

Light Blue hand painted Kalamkari Tussar Saree

$ 185

Pastel pink pen Kalamkari soft silk saree

$ 145

Violet hand painted Kalamkari Tussar Saree

$ 156

Light beige tussar with pen kalamkari handpainted along zari border

$ 190

Deep purple tussar silk saree with kalamkari work

$ 134

Beige Tussar Kalamkari Applique Work Saree

$ 132

Azure blue soft silk saree with kalamkari work

$ 144

Sea Green Tussar Saree With Hand Painted Kalamkari

$ 109

Deep maroon tussar silk with kalamkari applique work

$ 114

Red kalamkari work soft silk saree

$ 147

Pastel Orange Organza Kalamkari Cutwork saree

$ 95

Blue Raw Silk Kalamkari Applique Worked Saree

$ 84

Blue Silk Kota Kalamkari Hand Embroidered Saree with Blouse

$ 75

Off white and Multi colour kalamkari hand painted saree

$ 48

Peach and Green Half and Half Tussar Kalamkari Saree

$ 109

Red kalamkari hand painted saree

$ 48

Off white hand painted kalamkari kanchi silk saree

$ 258

Kalamkari is a type of hand painting done on cotton or silk, which has its history from the Arabian countries. The word Kalamkari means ‘drawn with pen’. Kalamkari sarees are today wearable art for contemporary women to exhibit their aesthetic sense.

Pen kalamkari sarees:

Pen Kalamkarisarees is an artwork that blends dedication and love for paintings and colours. Motifs drawn in Kalamkari spans from flowers, peacocks, and paisleys to mythology. Hand-painted Kalamkari saris showcase the traditional simplicity, elaborate themes, sharp detailing, and attractive motifs in bright hues.No wonder they are always considered rich and elegant choices for saree lovers.

Shop kalamkari sarees online:

We at The S studio have a wide range of Handpainted Kalamkari sarees in cotton, crepe, raw silk, tussar and more. Our artists carefully create kalamkari silk sarees to showcase, ethnicity, in attractive, elaborate, and sharp motifs in vivid hues. We have a variety of designs and each saree in our collection is unique and a masterpiece for saree lovers. At The S Studio, we specialize in hand-painted sarees as well as block-printed kalamkaris. Our hand-painted kalamkaris are done on pure fabrics like tussar, crepe, and Kanchipuram to bring out their beauty. The S studio also specializes in kalamkari applique work sarees and kalamkari border sarees.

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