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Cutwork embroidery which is quite popular in the West has universal appeal. As the name aptly conveys, it is a needlework technique with portions of fabric being cut away and then filled with embroidery or applique work. Popular on Cut work silk sarees and Tussar sarees, this type of handcraft can beautifully enhance the look of a saree.

Cutwork Hand Embroidery Saree and Applique Work Sarees
The cutwork sarees collection comes in pretty soft pastel shades and in bright spring colours. The cutwork sarees sport a wide variety of floral designs, geometrical cutwork, to enhance the design featured in high-quality fabrics or sarees. The cutwork saree also comes with tissue applique work creatively embroidered on matching colours or designs of the saree. Intricate floral cutwork embroidery on the border or delicate paisley cutwork on the pallu is a definite showstopper. The cutwork saree collection at The S studio also has unique pieces which creatively combine two or more techniques such as a Tussar silk saree with kalamkari and cutwork hand embroidery saree or a traditional Kanchipuram silk saree with tissue applique on cutwork embroidery. Be it on printed silk or on plain saree this handwork is a true work of art and a must-have for any season.

CutWork Sarees Online Shopping at The S Studio
The sarees can even be customized and shipped to family and friends across the world. Wish to buy a designer cutwork saree online, then look no further. The S studio is the right place. Nothing like a beautiful cutwork saree as a gift for a dear one this festive season!