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Block Print refers to the handwork sporting prints on a variety of fabrics in vibrant colours, obtained by utilizing a hand-carved teak wood block that is dipped in dye and stamped by hand onto the fabric. Dating back to around 500 years, the traditional process practiced in Rajasthan involves hand block printing on textiles such as silk, cotton, or tussar with rich natural colours. Highly dependent on the skills of the woodblock carvers and textile printers, this type of hand block printing flaunts the fruits of meticulous accuracy, patience, and timely coordination involved in creating picturesque motifs in a vivid range of colours and patterns. Present in The S Studio collection is saree designs displaying subtlety and elegance, owing to the traditional craftsmanship associated with this art of printing. Available mainly in cotton and tussar materials, explore through our range of unique Block Print sarees which also includes hand block printed Kanchipuram sarees. Find the perfect saree to give an instant uplift to your traditional collection