Talk of a traditional sarees wardrobe and it will be incomplete without at least a saree beautifully laid out in applique work. Derived from a French word that means ‘to apply’, Applique work has small embellishments, carefully sewn onto a larger fabric, featuring colors in contrast to the latter. Applique work Sarees, found to hold religious prominence in India, has embellishments stitched onto the base fabric or saree. It ranges from colored fabrics like brocade or kalamkari to ornaments such as small round mirrors, resulting in elaborate designs. The S Studio has a vast collection available in all fabrics and textures which features Applique work inspired from Odisha, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Bihar. Hand-crafted appliqué sarees have always been in a rave for the dexterity and skills of the hands at work and the beauty of the finished saree. Check out our latest online collection of vibrant Applique work sarees, and flaunt your traditional side to the world in style. It will also make a perfect gift to that special someone who is completely obsessed with the wonders of a traditional Indian trouss