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Tussar silk is valued for its rich texture and natural color. India is the second-largest producer of Tussar silk and much of it is produced in Bhagalpur. Tussar silk sarees in India are also known as Bhagalpur silk sarees or Bhagalpuri saree or in some parts of India as Kosa silk. Tussar is silk obtained from silkworms, found in the forests of Jharkhand, Bihar, and Orissa. Tussar sarees are hence a native of the Bhagalpur district of Bihar but they are also handwoven in other states of India like Jharkhand, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, and West Bengal. Tussar sarees are the rage in India these days and not without reason! From retail outlets to tussar sarees online, customers have loads of options to choose from these days. These are mainly crafted from quality silk and the patterns and prints are inspired by Indian styles. People are waking up to the simple beauty and elegance of these sarees. Tussar sarees are a comfortable option if you take the hot and sultry Indian summer season into account. It has a rich, coarse texture and is easier to drape and comfortable in feel. It is lightweight yet strong. It adds a classic appeal to every occasion whether festive or otherwise and they come at nominal cost. All these are a testament to its supreme quality and a dignified and elegant look. It is this chic yet simple appeal that lends these sarees an added appeal of their own and makes them hot selling options in the present fashion scenario. Tussar sarees online are available at At the S studio, we tastefully create elegant tussar sarees with many techniques like a hand block print, cutwork, and embroidery and give them a contemporary look and feel. You can rest assured that the tussar saree at the S studio is one of a kind.