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Banaras originally is another name for the holy city of Varanasi. Benaras or Banaras is a common reference and the set of sarees that were woven originally in Varanasi came to be known as Banarasi silks. They are known for their zari and brocade designs inspired from the Mughal times. Banarasi sarees stand as a proof of time when the Mughal arts such as weaving, dyeing, design creation, and the grandeur of attire conglomerated with the silk clothing culture of the Indian sub-continent between the fourteenth and the seventeenth century. So the simplest of banarasi silks are also bound to be exquisite.

These are exquisite finely woven silk meted with rich motifs, metallic visual effects, jal and mina work that we are talking about. So get into the mood for some banarasi saree online shopping or if you are in Chennai, just don’t put it off for later but buckle up for a visit to The S studio !