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Vasantham collection

Kanchipuram is best known for its community of weavers who have earned an enviable reputation for creating spectacular silk sarees. Celebrate this spring season with our brand new Vasantham Collection of pure handwoven Kanchipuram silks with pure zari. Vasantham is the Sanskrit word for spring. Our Vasantham collection captures the blossoming hues of nature into each of the Kanchipuram sarees in this collection. The freshness of spring and the timeless beauty of traditional motifs are interwoven with gold and silver zari into the vast expanse of six yards. The shuttle-woven fabric in this collection depicts in impressive detail and with patterns and motifs like Rudhraksha (Prayer Beads), Mayilkann (Eyes of a Peacock), Mallimokkhu (Bud of a Jasmine), Annam (or Hamsa, Mythological Bird) and Paisley (mango motif).