The S Studio’s Woman of substance – Srilekha Madhav

The S studio is bringing together a series featuring women with substance. Women who are walking the talk, empowering us with their stories of dedication, hard work and perseverance to achieve success in whatever they seek to do. Presenting Srilekha Madhav, Behaviour Coach Sri as she's popularly known has dabbled in various fields from business journalism, HR to even teaching kindergarten before she decided to become a behaviour coach. She ...Continue Reading

Artistic Process of Pen Kalamkari Painting

Like the famous adage “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” only an art lover can feel the beauty that is contained in a hand painted pen Kalamkari saree. It is a totally exquisite combination of grace and elegance that is formed on the fabric in the form of meaningful paintings. The fact that all these paintings have been made with a pen which are made by the artists ...Continue Reading

Colourful Nine Days: The Hues of Navrathri

The fervor of Navrathri (the Nine Days) or Dussehra – a nine day celebration excites Indians, especially the women, than any other festival. Observed predominantly by the Hindus in honour of Goddess Durga, each day people worship Durga Devi in different avatars, represented by different colours. As the festive season approaches the Indian subcontinent, a wide assortment of rites and rituals are followed by the people of different states in ...Continue Reading

The Traditional Saree Draping Styles Across India

Saree bestows a completely feminine, alluring and enticing look to the wearer, irrespective of the style. Saree, is the signature wear flaunted by all Indian women proudly, in a plethora of styles and draping methods, both modern and traditional. Every region has a unique way of draping the so-tagged six yard or nine yard wonder, though even the number of yards worn change from state to state. Here we go ...Continue Reading

The History Of The 6 Yard Magic Called The Saree

While reminiscing about a portrait by Ravi Varma or selecting a special outfit from your mother’s wardrobe, the saree stands out as an epitome of traditional Indian grace and beauty. The six-yard wonder, which is featured everywhere from the fashion industry to the rural Indian scenario, defines the idea of Indian womanliness like none other. Dating back to the times of the Indus valley civilization, of more than five thousand ...Continue Reading

The Jamdani Weave: A Timeless Tale of Art and Tradition

Bengal, the golden land of inherited treasures, of art and literature, of beauty and folklores, is widely known for its vibrant hand-woven sarees. Talk about a Mughal princess, and the image of her draped in floral paintings and sculptures, intricately woven in beautiful motifs on the finest muslin cloth, will fill your mind. Known as the Jamdani fabric, which translates to a vase of flowers in Bengali, this traditional weave ...Continue Reading

The Origin and Journey of Kanchipuram Sarees

Sarees have always been an integral part of Indian tradition. When hearing the word “saree”, the first name that comes to our mind is lustre, sheen and richness of a Kanchipuram saree. “Kanchipuram saree” is used as a synonym for good quality silk saree.  If it is Benarasi silk in the North, it is Kanchipuram silk in the South. Kanchipuram is a popular city in the entire South India because ...Continue Reading

Kalamkari – “The Art on Fabric with the Pen”

Kalamkari is a beautiful art, also known as Qalamkari. It is produced in India, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Kalamkari art form is hand painted or block printed, mostly on cotton textile. Kalam means pen and Kari mean work which means ”artwork done using pen”. It is an ancient hand drawn art mostly done using natural dyes. Kalamkari sarees consists of gorgeous designs that depict folklore, epics or gods either ...Continue Reading