Artistic Process of Pen Kalamkari Painting

Like the famous adage “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” only an art lover can feel the beauty that is contained in a hand painted pen Kalamkari saree. It is a totally exquisite combination of grace and elegance that is formed on the fabric in the form of meaningful paintings. The fact that all these paintings have been made with a pen which are made by the artists ...Continue Reading

Kalamkari – “The Art on Fabric with the Pen”

Kalamkari is a beautiful art, also known as Qalamkari. It is produced in India, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Kalamkari art form is hand painted or block printed, mostly on cotton textile. Kalam means pen and Kari mean work which means ”artwork done using pen”. It is an ancient hand drawn art mostly done using natural dyes. Kalamkari sarees consists of gorgeous designs that depict folklore, epics or gods either ...Continue Reading